Relevant Tips from Business Travel Agents on How to Add Value in 2015

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business travel transport conceptThe ability to add value for clients will be a crucial skill for business travel professionals in 2015. The best way to accomplish that is to understand, analyze and anticipate client needs and be proactive about meeting them with unique ‘special’ touches that go a long way toward building solid client loyalty and repeat patronage.

Below is an interview with VP of Global Business Consulting for American Express Global Business Pedro Paredes. Travel Market Report spoke with Paredes about industry trends, sales tips and the latest traveler preference survey released by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT).

What are some trends your most experienced travel counselors are reporting?
Paredes: It’s always so interesting to survey front-line sellers. One thing we’re finding is that it’s more important than ever for agents to demonstrate their expertise. With online adoption increasing, they need to add value in helping the business traveler. They can’t just issue a ticket.

This is why our phone agents here at SMART Cars take the time to answer all questions when booking transportation and uncover any additional pertinent needs of the business traveler – all to make their experience excellent, easy and memorable.
Give some examples of how agents can add value.
Paredes: One thing that came through in the survey is the importance of understanding travel requests. Clients are calling agents when something gets tricky. That is, they want to do a multi-city trip or they want to bring along a spouse. Clients especially need agent help in those types of cases, which are more complex.

How can agents deal with clients that constantly change their travel policies?
Paredes: Part of the job is to educate travelers about their company’s policies. So it’s very important for agents to keep up with and understand corporate cultures and travel policies. Be a true travel counselor. Let the traveler know what fees are involved, what the company rules are.  Walk them through the whole dynamic.
What else should agents keep in mind when selling to the business traveler?
Paredes: Domestic flights are painful. Our survey found that 95% of travelers prefer aisle seats. If that’s true, there are lots of disappointed travelers on every flight. You only have so many aisle seats. Add to this the fact that business travelers are already stressed out by sales quotas and other pressures. They also have to be away from home and family for long periods of time. It’s important to remember that.
How can travel agents stay ahead of the curve in the business travel world?
Paredes: We tell our own team that when a traveler calls, anticipate their needs. You have to know when pricing has changed in a popular market, in order to avoid big surprises. Keep current on trends in travel; know what’s going on with your particular client and the industry the client is in.

Any other tips for effective business travel selling?
Paredes: Speak to the individual preferences of the traveler. Let them know how far the airport is from their business meeting. Show clients you are knowledgeable and confident and will take care of them. It will reassure them that their company has made the right selection with you. The best compliment we can possibly receive is when they call us back with their leisure travel business.

Welcome to 2015, the age of customized service at every level and for every traveler. Their unique needs and preferences are what are going to set the stage for travel and transportation businesses to thrive or die in the years ahead.

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