Choose the chauffeured transportation company that gets to know you. Second only to your safety is our attention to your individual needs and requirements. All of your preferences are constantly added and updated to your profile and then included as part of the service for your future chauffeur. Everything from preferred routes to the temperature in the car upon arrival. We take care of your usual requests so that you can concentrate on your travels and tasks at hand.
With staff averaging over ten years of service, clients benefit from the continuity of service and trust that this loyalty creates.


Corporate Services

Smart Car’s primary focus is corporate and professional markets where our services are uniquely tailored to meet both an individual’s preferences and an organization’s group needs. This includes the ability to call one number to arrange for ground chauffeured transportation services almost anywhere in the world. Our integrated technological systems allow for service reminders, seamless communications for a worry free rendezvous as well as profiles with individualized preferences such as preferred routes and pickup locations. We also handle groups nationally and worldwide with professionally vetted chauffeurs who present themselves impeccably with well equipped vehicles and who are fully apprised of your transportation needs.


Airport Transfer

SmartCars has a database with all rendezvous procedures worldwide. The systems in place clarify rendezvous directions and reduces wait time for a worry-free experience. You will be well-informed when traveling to and out of every airport. In additions, SmartCars does not have surge pricing and although recommended gratuities are included, they are completely at the discretion of the client.


Point-to-Point Service

Travel in comfort. Arrive safely and on-time. Newer model vehicles and impeccably attired chauffeurs are standard. Service representatives are available 24/7 including holidays. Place and manage reservations on-line and on-the-go. Our automated reservation and in-service systems are fully interfaced, keeping you informed and continuously in control of your travel itinerary. From a pricing perspective SmartCars has a database of over 2.5 million values. This allows for more accurate pricing for a greater number of locations. In addition SmartCars does not have surge pricing and although recommended gratuities are included they are optional and completely at the client’s discretion.


Meeting & Event Planning

SmartCars has decades of experience in seamless transportation for meetings and events for groups of 10 to 500. This includes airport greeting and the coordination of individuals and groups with their appropriately-sized vehicles. With the use of GEO-Fencing (a GPS attribute) we are able to communicate with the client the impending arrival of a group at their destination. Thus seamless coordination and robust communication between all parties involved is one of our strong suits. Besides airport transportation we can provide local transport between restaurants and events. In addition to airport services we “offer transportation between the Event site/hotel venue and all desired restaurants and local points of interest.


Hourly Service

Hourly service is also known as “chartered” or “as directed”. One way it differs from “transfers” is that the client first determines the pickup time and location and then the approximate number of hours they will “keep” the vehicle. During this period of time you may choose to have the chauffeur and vehicle wait for you at one location or you may choose to be transported place to place as in a shopping spree or vendor review. The chauffeur in all cases will be prepared in advance for all of the specific needs you have communicated during the reservation placement process. This may include obtaining food, drinks or other needed items or learning all relevant routes in advance of a long excursion. Irrespective of your needs, our professional chauffeurs are adept at everything from navigating or parking in challenging locations to communicating changes in your upcoming flight.


Worldwide Services

With over 500 affiliates throughout the US and worldwide, our clients now have the ease of calling just one number for all of their transportation needs “anywhere in the World”! We have already completed the rigorous and time consuming work on your behalf. All of our affiliates have been fully vetted and thus reflect the same high quality standards found here in Chicago; agreed upon insurance levels, licensing requirements, Chauffeur background checks, professional capabilities and appropriate dress codes and expected vehicle type and age. SmartCars stands behind your experience with its affiliates and is only one call away for both the positive feedback and for handling any issues that may arise.

Private Aviation

Private Aviation

SmartCars’ sophisticated systems connect in real time to flight information for private carriers. Our professional chauffeurs will arrive in advance of expected flight arrival times at the FBO to avoid any unexpected waiting. By the time you land, your chauffeured will already be waiting and staged a few short steps from the aircraft itself, the private hangar or if required, the FBO exit gate. As the aircraft is taxiing in place you will receive notification through our AVAN (automated vehicle arrival notification system) confirming that the chauffeur is waiting for you. Please call 800.871.7627 (option 4) to speak with a client service representative about private aviation rates and service policies.

Worldwide transportation

We have affiliates in 500 + cities around the world, which means that you only need to contact our main office to arrange your transportation needs almost anywhere.
Our affiliate network is comprised of operators “hand-picked” and vetted through a rigorous and thorough process that guarantees that your expectations of excellent service will be met. SmartCars is fully involved in the quality of services provided by its affiliates.

Chauffeured Transportation in 500 Cities Worldwide