Why Corporate Travel Needs To Account For Worsening Climate

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2017 has been a devastating and record-breaking year for weather. We have seen hurricanes, floods, widespread wildfires, and extremely high temperatures. These unforeseen hurdles forced thousands of flights to be canceled leaving business travelers worldwide, stranded. They also contributed to a loss of 33,000 U.S. jobs and may cause a short-term downturn to the U.S. economy.

This year, employers have been exposed to weaknesses in emergency preperation plans for business travelers and need to plan for better resilience should bad weather strike again. A few ways companies can do this are, updating their current evacuation plans, assessing how storms could affect communications, as well as training employees to react appropriately in dangerous situations.

Simon Moore, Air Partner’s senior vice president of commercial jets for the U.S. says “In the wake of the stroms, companies worldwide are suddenly inquiring about hurricane preparedness”. He also admits “People tend to wait until it’s happened and then say, ‘We don’t want this to happen next time.’”

As more and more businesses plan for the next bout of extreme weather, they might also consider how they are positioned to help. With tremendous logistial abilities and resources, there facitlities may offer shelter in extreme times.

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