10 Packing Tips to Keep Your Load Light

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If you’re a ‘roaoverpackedd warrior’ then you have packing down to a fine art and you know exactly what you’ll need for a variety of trip lengths. But if you’re only an occasional traveler, the tendency to over pack and then end up lugging around a huge suitcase for a short excursion can be a real problem. This is especially important with the high cost of checked baggage and the death of overhead storage weighing in on the issue. Whether you’re on the road for business, pleasure, or both, there are some tips you can put into play to make sure you’ll have everything you need without over-doing it. Tuck these tips into your carry-on for your next trip.

  1. Consider the weather and check it before you go. If a cold spell is coming, plan on packing layers that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits.
  2. Pack your 2 staple pairs of pants and additional tops which are lighter and can be rolled up for even smaller storage to have more outfit options.
  3. Bring one pair of under garment for each day plus 2 extras. They are small and sometimes the extras may come in handy!
  4. Check the hotel amenities before you leave- if they have a hairdryer then don’t bother bringing one. This saves space and weight in your bag.
  5. Even if you’re checking your bag, still only pack travel sized toiletries – why drag a full size bottle of shampoo for 5 days when a mini version will do the trick. And remember, if you actually do run out of a supply- hotels always offer a wide selection of toiletries.
  6. Don’t pack jewelry for every potential outfit. Women especially get carried away packing a variety of accessories, hair pieces, jewelry, scarves, etc. for each outfit. Instead pick your favorite items that go with the majority of what you’re bringing and just bring those. You can re-wear basic jewelry items without anyone but you noticing.
  7. Stick to packing primarily neutral colors that mix and match well. If you love bright prints – just pack one or two pieces of that print to accent your other neutral items.
  8. Think carefully about your travel plans when considering shoes. Will you be doing a lot of walking or just sitting in a boardroom? This will help you determine how many flats, sandals or dress shoes you really need. And stick to only 2 pairs for a 3-day trip- it should be plenty.
  9. If you’re traveling for both leisure and business, pick outfits that go easily from day to night. For example, a dress with a jacket that can be removed to go to dinner after meetings. This helps your travel wardrobe play double duty.
  10. Roll clothes when possible and pack pressed dress shirts in the plastic so they wrinkle less and hang them up as soon as you arrive. This will keep your work attire looking fresh. If you absolutely have to fix wrinkles, most hotels have an iron in the room or one is available upon request.

Now that you’re armed to pack efficiently and take off, where will you go? Check out our recent post, 5 Top Travel Destinations for 2015 for some fresh inspiration! Share your best packing tips with us on Twitter @smartcars1 using hashtag #packlight.

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