Airline Travel is Still the Cost-Efficient Way to Go

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airline travelAccording to an article from 10.26.15 on, an airline advocacy website, in the last year airfare has fallen 3.9%, and in August and it was down 7% year over year, making air travel one of the most cost-efficient travel options, in addition to being incredibly safe and convenient. When you are a road warrior business traveler the cost of ticket prices, added fees and ancillary travel services such as chauffeured ground transportation can really add up.

Further evidence of the cost efficiency of the airlines was found when the Department of Justice approved the last four airline mergers. They found that consumers benefit from strong networks, improved efficiencies and new and increased services. After all, airline travel has made the world around us smaller, more connected and far more accessible than even 15-20 years ago.

Because of these mergers and the work the airlines have done to meet customer expectations, the airlines have been able to buy new airplanes, restore and increase air service levels and add new routes, all of which aid business travelers to get where they need to go faster, more consistently and more affordably than ever before.

Over the last 10 years airline competition has increased in many of the major U.S. markets with low cost carrier service being the fastest growing segment of the industry. And competition between the major airlines has led to more routes and better services, directly benefiting you the passengers.

The fact is that airlines are reinvesting an average of $1.4 billion each month into the passenger experience. It’s because of these investments that consumers have options like Wi-Fi connectivity, device chargers, better in-flight entertainment and newer, larger planes. Airlines’ also claim that their improving financial performance continues to bolster the overall U.S. economy which they say is evidenced by the 21 straight months of employment gains and the more than $3.1 billion per month airlines are spending on employee wages and benefits.

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