Top Sleep Tight Tips for Hotel Stays

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hotel sleep tipsWhether you spend multiple nights a month in a strange bed on the road or travel very rarely it can be hard to get a solid night’s sleep in a different environment. And without proper rest your immune system gets compromised and it opens the door to getting sick – a double whammy when you’re busy traveling. Here are some tried and true ways to tackle the sleepless night and wake up refreshed and raring to go while on the go.

  1. Bring your own alarm clock. This is because using an alarm you are unfamiliar with will put anxiety into the back of your mind, disrupting your sleep patterns as your brain subconsciously wonders all night- is that alarm going to go off on time?
  2. If traveling with family or coworkers ask for non-adjoining rooms when you check-in. Sounds from noisy neighbors or well-meaning neighbors that are still unnecessarily noisy will really disrupt your sleep. If you get stuck in such a situation despite your best efforts use a rolled up towel to dampen the sound at the base of the door.
  3. Bring your sleep essentials from home. If you keep your bedroom dark and its super quiet when you sleep bring along eyeshades and earplugs to mimic that on the road. If you sleep with a specific scent or essential oil at home bring that too. The more ways you can imitate the sleep scenario you are used to the higher chances of having a successful full nights rest.
  4. Check the actual location of your room when booking and again at check-in. Ask if you can be on a higher floor, away from elevators, ice machines, hotel bars, stairways or entryways. Or simply ask for a very quiet room – the front desk staff will usually know the best spot to put you.
  5. Have snacks in your room so you don’t wake up hungry and with nothing to eat to help you get back to sleep. Sometimes your eating schedule, like your sleep schedule, gets thrown off while traveling and you may be hungry at odd times. Keep something on hand to satisfy you so you can sleep soundly.
  6. Pack your iPod and have your favorite soft music loaded. It may take some extra help to doze off in a strange place so bring along something soothing to listen to that can help.

And remember weary travelers- “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man wealthy, healthy and wide.” – Benjamin franklin

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