Fall into Some Healthier Habits to Stay Well On-the-Road

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P_healthyTravel1Fall is the notorious start to the dreaded ‘flu season’.  Kids who go back to school are exposed to all of their class mates’ sniffles.  For adults, a combination of moving less, eating more and working harder makes one more susceptible to getting sick.  With healthier habits however, there are simple ways to safeguard yourself and your family with healthier habits as you move into the fall season. Whether you are traveling or staying home, we have listed below some simple ways to stay well – and we all prefer that!

  1. Get a great BPA-free water bottle that you like to drink out of and carry it everywhere! Tick off how many times you refill it in your phone on either Notes or your Calendar to track how much water you drink. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest ways to combat getting sick.
  2. Clip hand sanitizer to something you carry whether it’s a purse, briefcase, notebook, etc. and clean your hands often! This is especially important if you are traveling through airports where germs live for weeks before being cleaned. Sanitizing your hands often is the single easiest way to prevent infections.
  3. Keep up with your fitness routine- especially when you are traveling. We did a feature on hotel fitness options recently and if you missed it, now is a great time to revisit the article because staying fit while on-the-road is also a key factor to maintaining your health. Whether you pick hotels with a gym or hotels with an outside walkable area, staying active on your down time is critical for maintaining good health.
  4. Eat seasonally. Now that fall veggies are coming in (such as squash and pumpkin) take advantage of these tasty and very healthful favorites and look for them on-the-road or in restaurants that may have them featured on their menus. Eating what’s seasonally fresh is a great way to get maximum nutrition.
  5. When our fall schedules overtake us and become more hectic than the leisurely days of summer, it’s easy to fall into the bad habit of skipping breakfast. Stick to this important meal because those donuts sitting in the corner will not help your energy levels when you need them most during that last long morning meeting.  Stay strong and avoid these temptations by simply eating a healthy breakfast!

Wishing you safe travels this fall and good health. Share your #travelwarrior health tips with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have some great ways to stay well please share!

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