Overworked and Under Traveled: 42% of Americans Didn’t Take Vacation in 2014

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travel habits of americansSurprise, surprise – the results are in and too many Americans didn’t take vacation days in 2014. According to a new survey on the travel habits of Americans, the number of vacation days actually taken by Americans that have them is pretty dismal. According to the survey data in 2014, the number of vacation days taken directly correlates to whether Americans travel inside or outside the country, and how that affects the health of the U.S. travel industry and its various constituents in airlines, airports, hotels, destinations, attractions, and other related sectors.

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In a new survey conducted over the first few days of 2015 Skift asked Americans about how much vacation they took in the just-finished 2014, and the topline result is as predictable as it is shocking: nearly 42 percent of Americans said they didn’t take a single vacation day during 2014! On the other end of the spectrum, about 15 percent of Americans said they took more than 20 vacation days last year.

Many full-time employed Americans get at least ten vacation days, and the Skift survey shows only 13 percent of adult Americans could afford to actually take that many vacation days for the year.

Other interesting topline results from the breakdown include: women took fewer vacation days than men; young Americans are skimping on vacation days; suburbia is taking slightly more vacation days than rest of the country; workers in the U.S. South took the least vacation days while those in the U.S. West took the most; and the poor are bearing the brunt of least amount of vacation days in the country.

Important: This survey — not served to Skift users — was administered to 1500 members of the U.S. adult internet population in Jan 2015, through Google Consumer Surveys. The methodology is explained here.

So let’s put this survey to the test with our travel-savvy SMART Cars audience – share with us on Twitter @smartcars1 if you took any or all of your vacation days in 2014 and where you went! And here’s to hoping you all get to take some exciting adventures in 2015. Happy travels!


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