SMART Cars Takes Chauffeured Car Safety Seriously and So Should You

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US-ECONOMY-TRANSPORT-UBERIn this day and age of the TNC (Transportation Network Companies) where all are marveled by technological genius, there is a tendency to overlook and ignore some of the basics when it comes to chauffeured car safety.  Issues such as the lack of driver background checks, disputed validity of insurance coverage as well as uncertain licensing and industry knowledge, SHOULD lead clients back to questioning “At what potential cost am I being wowed?”

A first class transportation service organization differentiates itself by providing the types of checks and balances necessary in order to not only deliver the expected excellent quality of transportation, but more importantly, to do everything possible to insure SAFE passage.  To do so, background checks, drug testing, proven levels and types of insurance and demonstrated superior knowledge of industry- relevant information are a required starting point.

SMART Cars, Inc. uses these basics as its foundation and then expects more.  Before beginning at SMART Cars all Chauffeurs must complete an in-depth orientation program.  This entails review of industry information and standards through several media by recognized industry leaders.  In addition, review of Defensive driving techniques and a short quiz afterwards must be completed and passed.  Information never ends as weekly memos for review and reporting of new information are also disseminated.  Finally, there are 2 -3 meetings per year in which changes in the industry, improvements in technology and introduction to optimized procedures are discussed.  Chauffeurs play as much a part of these open forums’ information exchange, as do the SMART Cars, Inc. representatives.

The livery and taxi industry will catch up with the technological uniqueness of the TNCs.  We will never, however, circumvent the basics that are so important to the consistent delivery of a safe and insured service.

We wrote a post recently on Seat Belt Safety in a Taxi where we discussed the untimely and tragic death of John Nash and his wife who were killed in a NJU turnpike taxi crash after returning from Newark Airport. This incident, among hundreds of others every day, is what motivates us to continue our open forum of discussion with Chauffeurs as well as maintaining the highest standards of professional requirements when engaging new ones.

To learn more about what SMART Cars is doing to ensure your safety when riding with us please check out our latest press release, SMART Cars, Inc. Goes Above and Beyond Required Safety Standards and please share it with friends and colleagues so that others may follow by our example to ensure a wider, more stringent safety focus across the industry.

Thank you for trusting us to keep you safe while traveling. We take it seriously and so should you!

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