The 7 Important Questions to Ask at Hotel Check-In

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Guest_checking_in_at_the_Glenroyal_receptionAsking the right questions at check in can dramatically improve your stay. So next time you stay at a Hotel, follow the suggestions made by CNN Traveler and reap the benefits of being a “SMART” traveler!

If you’re like most travelers, you’ve taken the time to research your hotel, check all the review sites, and book the room online. But here are seven musts to ask that can improve your stay that you probably didn’t think of—and these will help you avoid surprises when you check out.

  1. Is there a resort fee, and if so what does it include?

This may or may not surprise you, but often the published rates you book online don’t include extras like taxes, parking or resort fees.  These represent but a few of the often unavoidable extra charges that properties say cover services like Wi-Fi, pool use, newspapers, or the use of the fitness center.

  1. Am I entitled to any exclusive amenities?

Some hotels offer guests extra perks.  This is especially true when booking your stay through a travel specialist who works closely with a particular hotel or who is part of the hotel chain’s loyalty program. Hey, it’s worth asking!

  1. Are there any special hotel offerings that are not widely advertised?

Even if you don’t book with a travel specialist, the hotel might offer programs or services that aren’t publicized. You may discover some unique programs, activities or other perks that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about simply by asking this question.

  1. Does the hotel have any local affiliations?

This one is important if you plan to partake in any sightseeing, museums, galleries, festivals, Etc. Many hotels in tourist destinations have connections with local tour companies, ground transportation providers like SMART Cars and other ancillary services you may need during your stay.

  1. Is there a family staying in the room next to mine?

This one is obviously all about finding out if you should ask for a different room.  Also, if you are a light sleeper ask to move to a room at the end of a hall and away from the elevator for a quiet experience and a restful night.

How is the traffic here?

Whether you’re driving a rental car, taking a taxi, booking a chauffeured ride through a service like SMART Cars, or planning on riding public transportation, it’s a really good idea to ask about the traffic conditions to the points of travel AT the times you will be traveling. Often the locals can give you some directions and tips that the navigation on your smart phone won’t offer. It can potentially save you a lot of time and headaches.

  1. How much of a ‘hold’ are you putting on my credit card? And when will it be released?

You should be aware that hotels often put a hold on credit cards for incidentals like spa charges, room service, bar tabs, pool side service or anything else not included in the rate. This can affect the traveler’s available credit, especially when traveling internationally. Knowing the answer to this question will help ensure that there are no unfortunate surprises while shopping or dining during your trip. This is especially true when using a Debit card.

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