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CathayPacificBusiness travel can be tough. Not only is the jet lag an endless drag but if you fly all night just to sit in meetings all day at your destination, you’re really going to wish you had read this post on the best, most comfortable airlines to choose for those important business trips. Conde Nast Traveler has done their due diligence and compiled a list of the best airlines around the world for business travelers like you. Read up and share which of these are your personal favorites with us on Twitter @SmartCars1 using hashtag #businesstravelairlines. We’d love to hear from you!

Starting with Virgin Australia, Virgin’s Aussie counterpart has upped the ante for business fliers by offering a hybrid business-first class product that features new seats that are 28 inches wide and 80 inches long all with direct aisle access. Those riding up front on those long flights over the Pacific also enjoy rare amenities like a four-star bar, a ladies-only restroom, and express immigration and customs processing upon arrival in Australia. VA’s premium economy class is also reputed to be among the best over the South Pacific.

Next up for those who travel from Japan to North America frequently, ANA (All Nippon Airways) now has 13 flights daily and offers long-distance fliers both a premium economy and business class product with extra legroom. A new layout up front features a staggered business class seat configuration that affords greater privacy. ANA was the launch customer for the Dreamliner, with more than three dozen of the models in service.

QatarAirwaysCathay Pacific is up next for those flying back and forth from Hong Kong to the Far East. With five daily flights from the New York area alone, this carrier provides in-flight comfort for those spending 16 hours aloft. The airline offers cuisine influenced by top Hong Kong chefs. In addition, Cathay Specific also now offers additional seating type choices with their award-winning premium economy cabin.

Swiss International Airlines, Switzerland’s flagship carrier, gets its highest scores for in-flight service and reliability. It has extended reach, flying between seven U.S. cities and its Zurich hub, where fliers can make fast connections, either by air or rail, to destinations all over the continent. Also new this year: a guaranteed free adjacent seat program in business class for added privacy and comfort.

With some of the longest flights in the world, Air New Zealand pays close attention to seat comfort and can still boast the world’s only lie-flat economy seats, called Skycouch (a pull-out double bed). Business fliers on a budget can opt for their premium economy “Spaceseat,” a pod-like seat with extra legroom. And all classes get that famed New Zealand wine.

Review the full list of all 10 top rated international airlines on Conde Nast here.  If you fly long haul this list should be your iPad’s first bookmark before making your next travel reservation! Check in with SMART Cars for ground transportation reservations through our extensive international network anywhere you need to go for the same reliable, comfortable chauffeured service you enjoy from us here in the U.S.   Request can be made with reservations online or by phone at 800-871-7627.

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