Why Technology-enabled Control is Top of Mind for Business Travelers

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Business travelers are craving more and more accessibility. From changing their travel plans, to only interacting with human customer-service representatives in emergency situations.

In a recent study from Egencia, the buses-travel subsidiary of Expedia, Two-thirds of business travelers stated that they want to be able to manage everything from travel to transportation services through their mobile devices. This number also includes 76 per cent of US business travelers.

One of the largest queries that arrised from the survey was that Business Travelers would like to be able to make their travel plans using text message. This is just one example of why technology-enabled control is top of mind for business travelers right now.

It is no shock that the business travel market is at a turning point. A place where business travelers have increasingly high expectations and want instant gratitude from tools on every device available to them while they travel.

Another key insight found from the survey, was that Technology was viewed as a better tool to productivity than things like airport lounges and priority boarding.

Business travelers want ease-of-use verses perks. Which is why they’re asking companies to reimburse them for in-flight wifi, which currently only 29 per cent of companies do.

Business travelers are craving more technology-enabled control, which is creating a turning point for the business travel market. What are we going to do to accommodate them?




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