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Wanderu- ground transportation bookingWhile there are tons of online resources to book airline, hotel and rental cars at destinations around the globe, sometimes finding other types of ground transportation services, like chauffeured black cars or limousines isn’t as easy or readily available. We’ve done a little digging for you and here are some resources to book a variety of ground transportation services.

  1. SMART Cars, Inc. – Our website offers free ground transportation booking in the Chicago area and through our affiliate partnerships with A-rated chauffeured services across the US and around the globe. We can accommodate a variety of party sizes with vehicles ranging from black town cars to limousines, coach buses and more. Simply visit us online at and fill in the reservation contact form. Our booking agents make it easy to get the exact experience you’re looking for.
  2. Over the past decade, a wealth of new bus lines such as Megabus, Vamoose, and Bolt Bus have made it easier and cheaper to travel by ground (here are six of our favorite budget bus companies).  Bus travel has increased accordingly (you may remember the DePaul University study from last year showing that bus travel had risen by 13% in 2011).
  3. Train travel is looking up too with plans in the works to speed up trains to make trips even shorter and faster. Check out Amtrak for their routes and fares- you may be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Finally a brand new site called Wanderu just popped up and is touting to be the ‘Kayak of ground travel’. It focuses mostly on bus and train transportation options but is the easiest way we’ve seen to check if where you want to go can easily be accommodated by ground travel. Like Kayak, it automatically compares a variety of resources, making your travel planning that much faster and easier.

So the next time you’d rather stay on the ground to get somewhere, check out any of these resources first. It’s getting easier and easier to book reliable, comfortable and affordable country-wide transportation. Share your favorite ground transportation booking service with us on Twitter @smartcars1 and on Facebook using hashtag #groundtravel. We’d love to add your favorite resources to this list!

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