The Future Of Travel Management

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This year is considered to be the year of the traveler because personalization is going to play a huge role in travel management programs. Travelers want their suppliers to know them on a different level than ever before to talk, inspire, and even connect with them. They’re taking a holistic view of the traveler as a person (not just a ‘baby boomer’ or ‘millennial’).

Because travel management is evolving beyond end-to-end services, organizations are now feeling urged to deliver an engaging and rewarding travel experience for their employees. Hyper-personalization will take a strong lead in the future of travel management. Increased usage of artificial intelligence and bots replace “search” as recommendations can be based on their ever changing needs.

Corporations are increasingly concerned with the wellness of their employees. Which is why in the future of travel management a successful travel program will be defined by traveler well-being. Organizations are predicted to reassess their travel programs and policies.

Corporate travelers are increasingly frustrated by the options they have to manage their trip.  As hotels and airlines introduce more purchasing options and sharing economy sites work to become ‘Business Travel Approved’ by corporations.  Many tech companies will be working to find a way to effectively put all of these options into one app.

The future of travel management will see changes to corporate booking tools. They will transition their user experience by taking rich user interfaces and robust capabilities that balance the traveler and corporate demands all in one.

The future of travel management is in personalizing every detail of a business traveler’s experience.

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