Selecting The Right Venue For Meetings and Events

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As business travelers increasingly look for travel experiences that will keep them enthused and motivated, travel planners can look to current hospitality trends to stay on the cutting edge.

Below are a few current trends travel planners can use to keep their clients and team members happy and motivated.

1. Business Travelers are all ages.

Business Travelers are both seasoned executives and upcoming Millennials so when choosing a venue or meeting space, keep in mind that every attendee wants an interactive experience.

2. Integrate cultural authenticity.

Business Travelers will appreciate a genuine travel and meeting experience. One of the best ways to do this is to highlight the destinations’ culture by finding the right hotel!

3. Fitness and wellness.

As fitness becomes more and more important, hotels and resorts are dedicating much of their efforts to accommodating multiple exercise options for their guests. Choosing a hotel like this will be greatly valued by those who remain dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, even on business trips.

4. Sustainability.

One of today’s top trends in hospitality is sustainability. Guests have moved beyond organic products and water-saving efforts, to wanting things like locally sourced food and solar-powered electricity and  building materials that come from sustainable resources.

With business travel on the rise, many in the hospitality industry are expanding their service offerings to accommodate the new age of travel. Whether it be sustainability, or cultural experiences travel planners must learn to adapt to the new trends and demands of business travel.

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