The Best Unique Travel Blogs to Follow in 2015

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top-travel-blogsIf you’re a travel aficionado or maybe just travel frequently for business, you’ll be interested to know there are some amazing travel blogs you can review during your along trying flight or adventuresome livery experience. We found a complete list of the 24 best travel blogs on and wanted to share them with you. Bookmark your favorites to keep up with the coolest destinations, eateries, boutique hotels, museums and more to add to your ‘to do’ list all year long.

These aren’t your ordinary travel blogs either – each has a unique niche that they focus on and they are presented with amazing photos, inspiring stories and more! Here are a few highlights of our favorites. Thanks to Team Fathom for this awesome compilation!

  1. Jungles in Paris – This boutique travel journal, run by brothers Oliver and Darrell Hartman, uses beautiful photography and short film to tell stirringstories of craftsmanship, tradition, and extreme natural environments.
  2. Melting Butter- Jenny Nguyen-Barron builds itineraries with art galleries, plant boutiques, jazz bars, and new restaurants recommended by curators with excellent taste.
  3. North- New York State trail recommendations, upstate artisan profiles, Airbnb home histories, and intimate looks at lesser-known eateries help you rediscover these backyards.
  4. The Traveling Light- The author Katie hunts for secret places, unique eats and people that are creating amazing things. This one is fun, easy-to-read and super special; highlighting secret spots in faraway places.
  5. West America- Known for the photography, full life philosophy and the high-five attitude. This motorbike-focused travelog chronicles pit stops in the Western Hemisphere with captivating energy. Careful: It might inspire a thrilling shift to ground transportation. Read a recent post.
  6. EatingAsia- Foodie duo Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman know that the best Asian cuisine lies off the beaten path. Consider this insider guide a treasure map to the myriad of noodles, dumplings, soups, stews, and market stalls of the continent. Tales of unique treats will likely result in trips to often overlooked food destinations.

Share your favorite travel blogs with us on Twitter @SmartCars1 using hashtag #travellove. Maybe your favorites will motivate someone else to discover something new and special outside their norm this year. And that’s what travel is all about!

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