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When looking for personalized service, it is important to know who you are dealing with. With the growing number of online resources and improving technology, the consumer can’t help but notice how service and quality are downgraded for the sake of efficiency. Websites, reviews, and online press releases hardly tell the full story anymore because of the increasing number of spam and deception.

Thus we are hoping to shed the light on the limousine and chauffeur industry and help our loyal clients and readers better identify good service from bad. At the same time, we will be reaching out to you with pictures of our cars, adventurous stories as experienced behind the wheel of a limo driver, and must-see Chicago events.

So how is SMARTCars Limo different, and why is this blog worth your time? To begin answering the aforementioned question, we will share some common practices in the limousine industry.

If you are going on a business trip, planning a meeting, or figuring out how you will be getting back home from the airport, you are most likely overwhelmed by the number of limousine companies in Chicago. Chances are, the prices are similar, the cars all look great on limo websites, and you are assured by every representative that the limo will be on time. Unfortunately, the majority of limo companies out there will add hidden fees to the total price, the cars on the website will be directly taken from Google images, and limousines do arrive late on occasion due to unforeseen circumstances.

At SMARTCars Limo, we have adopted a practice to fully disclose the full price and send a confirmation email with a receipt upon booking, and all of vehicle pictures on the website are our own. We have adopted a “what you see is what you get” motto and run an honest limo business. In fact, for those who are really interested in seeing our limos, we showcase them in our garage on the weekdays.

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