Fire Kills Five People in Tragic Limousine Accident

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Last weekend a tragic event in California occurred when five people died while being trapped in a limousine. This was a highly unfortunate event that occurred because a certain set of unlikely circumstances came together at the same time. Essentially, a fire occurred in the limousine that trapped several passengers in the back and were unable to use the doors or windows because the electrical system became inoperative or at least that is what the current evidence suggests.

A survivor escaped by crawling through the driver’s partition and making it out the driver side door, but five others remained trapped. Currently, there is no stated cause for the fire as police and fire officials continue to investigate this tragic event. With our fleet of limos, only the six and eight passenger models operate with a partition in place. We understand that this might cause a delay in offering safety instructions or provide a moment of confusion depending on the type of emergency situation.

It is tragedies like these that can create hesitation when contacting a limousine service. Such fears are initially understandable due to the horrific nature of the accident. But what must be remembered is that such accidents with limousines are quite rare, plus in the case of our limousine service a new device known as a RESQME (pronounced “rescue me”) is now available in all limos.

The RESQME is a blade that lets you cut away the seat belts quickly and breaks open the passenger windows safely if needed. The blade is sharp with a blunt end that allows for a quick escape from the limo in case the electrical system shuts down and does not allow the windows or doors to operate properly.

The RESQME is a tool that allows passengers the ability to free themselves from the limo when needed. Since the driver may be separated from the passengers, this particular tool was deemed necessary in case the driver could not act quickly enough to remove the passengers from the vehicle. By providing this power of escape, accidents that occurred in California are much less likely to take away lives.

In addition to providing this much needed tool, a full inspection of all limos in our service has been made to detect any potential situation that could start a fire. All batteries are in their proper encasements to prevent any leakage of acid, the electrical wiring has been double checked to insure that there are no cracks or exposure of the bare wires themselves. All precautions have been taken to minimize any chance of fire occurring in the vehicle itself.

Safety is our number one concern for all the passengers we take in our limousines. Our code is to protect the health of our passengers by insuring that all of our limousines have been fully inspected, equipped with the right safety measures and limiting any potential cause of fire to the absolute minimum. By taking these precautions, our limo service is now safer than ever as we go beyond the guidelines to insure the full safety of our passengers.

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