Craft Beers Take to the Skies

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While most aspects of flying have become torturous, as we’ve discussed at length in previous posts, one thing that’s just bubbled up is going to perk you up for sure. America’s love affair with craft beers is continuing to rise, with hundreds of new breweries popping up every year, it’s no wonder there is demand for them while flying in the friendly skies. And hey, with a cold craft beer in your hand, that ‘friendly skies’ statement may become true again for even the grumpiest of airline passengers.

Here’s the rundown of the craft brews you’ll be seeing and the airlines that are serving them. One of our own Chicago breweries made the list too. Cheers!

(Credit: Facebook user New Belgium Brewing)

New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire
Southwest Airlines/AirTran

Earlier this year, “The World’s Friendliest Airline” got even friendlier by announcing a deal with Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing to serve their popular Fat Tire Amber Ale at altitude.

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale
United Airlines

When Chicago-based United announced plans to make their in-flight meals suck less, they neglected to mention that they’d also teamed up with hometown favorite Goose Island Beer Company and have been pouring the 312 Urban Wheat Ale since July.

(Credit: Maui Brewing Co.)

Maui Brewing Company’s Bikini Blonde Lager
Hawaiian Air

Hawaiian Air announced that Maui Brewing Company’s flagship Bikini Blonde Lager, a filtered Munich Helles, will become its official craft brew this month. Assuming passengers acknowledge their appreciation of the new brew, other Maui Brewing faves should be added down the road.

Surly Brewing Co.’s Furious, Bender, and Hell
Sun Country Airlines

Since February, Minneapolis-based Sun Country Airlines has been serving three kinds of beer from hometown brewer, Surly: the Furious IPA; Bender, an Oatmeal Brown Ale; and Hell, an unfiltered German lager. And no, none of them was named after the way passengers feel about the flying experience.

Mikkeller’s SAS Wit

Scandinavian carrier SAS is supporting its Nordic roots and recently announced a collaboration with Denmark’s Mikkeller craft brewery. The result: Lucky business-class passengers can enjoy their exclusive SAS (or Sky-High) Wit, a Belgian wheat beer “with a summery taste of orange peel and cilantro,” on long-haul flights.


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