Business Travelers Choose the Bus

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Business traveler has traditionally been by air – up until recently it’s been cheaper, more comfortable, faster and more convenient than ground transportation which is why it has become the staple travel mode for companies around the globe. But something interesting is happening as of late – business travelers are exhausted by the airline delays, the ridiculous baggage fees and the lack of space and comfort in coach on commercial flights.

So instead – they are choosing to take coach buses instead.

A recent article in the New York Times outlined one harried travelers tail saying, “Until recently, John Alday either drove or flew the 200-mile trip between his company’s headquarters in Dallas and its satellite office in Austin. But too many times, he said, when he flew it ended up taking far longer than he planned, whether it was a problem in getting to the airport or checking in, or a weather delay. Now he has switched to a simpler and, he says, more reliable means of transportation — a bus, specifically an executive coach.”

Mr. Alday, the chief executive of the Cima Solutions Group, an information technology company continued with, “It’s more luxurious than any first-class seat I’ve ever been in.”

Many coach buses now are far superior in comfort and amenities than any commercial airliner out there. The Vonlane bus Mr. Alday rides has 16 reclining leather seats, Wi-Fi, an attendant who serves meals and beverages, a wireless printer, office supplies and a conference table with additional seating. Who can beat that for the price – which is only $100 one way; a bargain when compared to the airfare price for the same trip which is at least double that.

At SMART Cars our chartered coach services and chauffeured black car services continue to rise among business travelers that are sick of how complex, difficult to navigate (added security) and tightly packed the airlines are. It’s no longer a pleasure to ‘fly the friendly skies’.

According to the NY Times article, “Experts say corporate time constraints, leaner travel budgets and environmental awareness are also contributing to the rise of executive bus travel.”

Joseph P. Schwieterman, director of the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University found that because of how claustrophobic and difficult air travel has become “People are willing to endure a longer commute for a mobile office benefit.”

Weigh in on the conversation with us on Twitter @smartcars1 using hash tag #takethebus. Do you prefer riding a luxury coach from point A to point B to traversing the harrowing airport lines and tiny commercial coach seats?


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