Why Millennials Are Travel Agent’s Biggest Market

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Eighty percent of people who have used a travel agent in the past ten years, have a favorable view of them. The other forty-something percent have yet to use a travel agent before, therefore have no ties or opinions. The ASTA’s number one goal is to move those forty-something percenters into the eighty-percent column.

“Millennials are using travel agents more than any other age demographic,” Kerby said. “They’ve really come into their own. They are buying packages from travel agents in greater numbers than other groups. It feels that millennials are looking at the whole travel experience, saying, ‘I’m not coming here to book my airline ticket or my hotel. Help me find the right things to do when I go to a particular destination.”, said ASTA’s president and chief executive officer, Zane Kerby.

A whopping fifty percent of millennial males took a business trip last year, making the millennial generation Travel Agent’s biggest market in 2017. More great news for travel agents comes in the fact that consumers surveyed believed travel agents helped them save money.

ASTA now plans to modify its messaging, after research has indicated a huge untapped market, millennials.

“Trying to insert travel agents into that dreaming and planning phase is really going to be a goal of our messaging this year.”, said Kerby.

Millennials are a generation that truly like the travel planning process. Which is great news for travel agents everywhere. On a final note, they also really enjoy cruises.


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