Tips for Protecting Your Company’s Info When Employees Travel Abroad

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With the rise of travel ban’s and certain carry-on electronic devices corporate security is being majorly affected. In order to effectively protect corporate assets and information, corporate travel managers should get in touch with their risk management and IT counterparts to institute a few actionable policies and practices for their international travelers.

Below are 4 tips for Protecting Your Company’s Info When Employees Travel Abroad:

  1. Restrict transportation of any sensitive information that might be saved to a laptop, mobile phone or other type of portable media device.
  2. Encrypt devices and communications paths so that all information is concealed and turned into code.
  3. Integrate a remote desktop or other virtualization technologies so that it remains easy for employee to stay connected but difficult to for anyone to leak important data.
  4. Organizations should have several extra laptops on hand that are wiped completely clean before traveling abroad to insure nothing is to be comprised, lost or breached.

Large corporations have started to implement the policies and technologies necessary to protect their information when employees are traveling abroad. While some are basic procedures, an organizations greatest asset is their data. As the laptop ban continues to rule uncertain, additional precautions should be considered to protect companies.

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