This Brand Just Unveiled A Millennial-Focused Airline

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Hoping to compete against similar airlines-within-airlines such as Level, owned by British Airways’ parent company, Air France unveils a millennial-focused airline called Joon. The new millennial-focused branding strategy comes equipped with everything a millennial traveler could ask for.

Joon’s passengers will be able to access a rooftop bar in economy class, where alcohol will be available alongside 60 “tasty treats”, a third of which will be organic. Passengers will also be able to book tours from various travel partnerships,  including Airbnb Experiences in-flight. However, those aren’t Joon’s only cool factors.

The flight attendants will sport updated uniforms made up of classic and modern garments. They will wear slimline trousers, sneakers, redesigned sailor stripes and a sleeveless quilted jacket, the airline said.

Air France’s entrant, Joon, will begin flying in December from Paris to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto. It will fly long haul next summer to Fortaleza in Brazil and Mahé in the Seychelles. By 2020, Joon should have 28 aircraft, including 10 long-haul Airbus jets, so it should announce further expansion soon.


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