How One Company Is Getting You Through Airport Lines Faster

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Two fingers, and a scan of your boarding pass is all the modern day business traveler needs to get through airport lines faster, with Clear.

The recently acquired Clear is similar to TSA PreCheck, moving you right to the front of the line in five minutes or less.

the technology is delivering a predictable experience…You’ll always know you’ll get through security in five minutes or less. Said, Seidman Becker,  Clear’s CEO.

The cost to cut lines with Clear is $179 a year, which is a littler steeper than PreCheck’s $85 fee for five years. However, unlike TSA PreCheck there is no appointment needed to enroll. To enroll, users complete online registration and then visit one of Clear’s airport locations or an enrollment center with a valid ID. Five to 10 minutes is needed after enrollment for your final in-person setup.

Delta experimented with Clear and their passengers rather than presenting a boarding pass or mobile phone. The potential of Clear proved to be valuable to all passengers as well as Delta and their employees.

How CLEAR Works

Posted by CLEAR on Friday, April 14, 2017

Clear is now rolling out in large-scale sports arenas, allowing people to skip lines in other industries, and not only travel.

For the business traveler, maximizing every possible hack to save time and hassle, Clear is worth looking into, even if you have PreCheck.


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