Why Consumers Are Choosing Chauffeured Car Service Over Ride-Sharing

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With the integrity of ride-sharing apps in question, travel buyers are prioritizing service and safety over price when dealing with chauffeured car suppliers.

Travel buyers’ are prioritizing driver training, background checks and other duty of care elements which is only validating chauffeured car suppliers. All of these factors are adding value in the ground transportation space and they may have ride-sharing suppliers to thank for that.

In a recent BTN survey another important factor was brought to the table. Travel buyers ranked complaint and problem resolution as the most important aspect of their chauffeured programs, and ride-sharing apps don’t have the best track record with complaint resolution.

As corporate clients are concentrating less on pricing and more on duty of care, many buyers are once again shifting their transportation providers from ride-sharing to professional chaueffeured transportation suppliers like SmartCars.

BTN’s survey of price and value were also surveyed and outranked  price alone in terms of importance. The survey also showed that less than 30 percent of buyers said ride-sharing apps had been considerable in their programs with nearly 20 percent saw no shift.

Corporate travel buyers are not as concerned with cutting prices on short inner-city rides where the quality of the car might not be so great, as they are about reliability. That’s where SmartCars comes in.



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