City Of Chicago Towing Cars

 In Chicago

Have you ever walked to your car from a store or a diner and found your car gone? You may be wondering whether your car was parked where it shouldn’t have been parked or it is stolen, if the car has been repossessed or it has been towed for ticket.

If there are no apparent reasons why your car is missing or has been moved, then you are in Chicago, one among the very few places in the country where you may not be notified if your car is moved. Chicago towing cars have had a record of moving as many as 17,000 vehicles in the last year without intimating the owner. Some car owners had filed for theft at police stations, most have called 911 without getting any respite and a few had gone as far as claiming the insurance before they finally realized that their car has been one of the many targets of Chicago towing cars.

Not finding your car at the place where you had parked it can be a nerve wrecking moment. It becomes all the more precarious when you do not get a clue as to where the car might be. The city doesn’t have a system in place, yet, using which the car owners can be notified that their vehicle is being moved for no fault of theirs but for some specific reasons. Construction of roads, clearing a place for a movie scene and many such causes compel the Chicago towing cars to get into action and if you are one of the innocent victims then you actually cannot help.

There is a number however for car owners to call up and check if the Chicago towing cars have moved your vehicle. Dialing 311 will give you details about the Chicago towing cars who moved your car and where the vehicle is at the present point in time.

In a recent poll by Autoblog, residents were asked “Would you be upset if Chicago moved your car without asking?” A whopping 88% of the participants responded assertively. Considering that it is an overwhelming majority of populace, the City of Chicago really needs to revisit this policy. At the least, they can pull in a notification system wherein owners or drivers of vehicles get to know. If the car is parked just on the next lane or a few meters away then that may not be very undesirable but if the next legal parking spot is a mile away then it is absolutely undesirable.

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