6 Home Security + Maintenance Tools for Frequent Business Travelers

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No one wants to be pre-occupied with the safety of their house or belongings while traveling for business. Luckily, there are tools and services to increase your homes safety and provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your job without concern of what you’re leaving behind. Here are 9 security and maintenance tools for frequent business travelers.

1. Alarm Systems

This may seem like an obvious tool but it’s the most underutilized. A professional, remotely monitored alarm system is one of the best and most effective ways for deterring theft. Alarm Systems monitor every aspect of your home. Every nook and cranny can be watched. These systems even notify law enforcement if there’s a break in which minimizes overall risk. An added bonus to Alarm Systems, is that they monitor fires, carbon monoxide and even other safety hazards!

2. Remote Monitoring

In today’s tech savvy world, remote monitoring takes protecting your property to the next level. Devices like the Nest Cam allow owners to check their house with use of an app — from anywhere in the world. The app detects movement and activities, even saving 30 days of previous records. Remote monitoring not only gives you peace of mind but it’s also a great way to monitor house sitters, family members and pets inside your home.

3. Video Doorbell

Like remote monitoring, video doorbells are also a new advancement in home security. Video Doorbells alert you when there is someone at your front door by way of app. You can see them and even respond to them as if you are inside your home. For added security measures, you can also record visitors.

3. Parcel Drop Box

If you’re like me, and travel for business frequently you probably do a lot of shopping online. A parcel drop box is for when your orders arrive while you’re away on business. These are great solutions to protect your latest delivery from theft.

4. Safe Deposit Box

A Safe Deposit Box is another great tool to protect your belongings while you are away on business travel. If an intruder should get into your home, all of your precious items will be safe guarded inside a theft-proof safe deposit box. For added security, consider using a safety deposit box at your personal bank.


5. Electrical Timers

One of the biggest deterrents of theft is making your house look like you’re still living in it. Electrical timers on lights will give the appearance of a lived-in house by turning lights on and off at certain times of the day.

6. Pet Feeding

Automated pet food and water systems can be very effective and cost effective when leaving your pets home while you’re away. Pet feeding can deliver pre-measured dry pet food and water to your pets.

Take a few simple steps like the ones listed above, will give you peace of mind while you are away on business.

Which tool will you use when you’re on business travel?

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