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The core of SMARTCars fleet of private luxury vehicles is comprised of newer model Lincoln Town Car sedans. Each vehicle is a no smoking, finely appointed sedan that receives constant care and attention. Vehicle appointments include black on black finishes; fine leather seating; L Series extended passenger areas; current popular periodicals and publications; and chilled water.

SMARTCars vehicle fleet is subject to ongoing model year updates and upgrades. The decision to retain any vehicle as part of the fleet is limited to a maximum number of years and usage-based factors including, but not limited to, mileage, overall condition and prior usage. At present, the complexion of the SMARTCars’ fleet is shifting quickly toward the new Lincoln MKT and MKS series of vehicles and away from its predecessor model series, the Lincoln Town Car. By 2014, few, if any, Town Car series vehicles are likely to be included as part of the Company’s vehicle fleet.


If you want a luxurious ride to the airport, a wedding, or just want to enjoy a great night out, limousine service is the ultimate statement in style and luxury. SMARTCars limousines are designed to cater to our client’s every need including formally attired and properly licensed chauffeurs who have the skill and experience to identify and navigate optimal travel routes and vehicles that are perfectly appointed to ensure that your event lasts as long as you wish.

Reserving a limousine for weddings, graduations, prom dances, as well as for the bride and groom to be transported to and from on their big day. Naturally, price goes hand in hand with accommodations, so that cheap limousine companies may not boast as many of the features and limousine amenities as their major league competitors, but will still provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Anyone who has ever ridden in a limousine will tell you that it’s about getting from point A to point B in comfort and style, and more. It’s also about the little things that are afforded you along the way and provided for your pleasure inside the vehicle. When you are riding in a limousine you’re not sitting in a glorified taxi, you’re enjoying a first-class service that can turn your airport transfer, wedding or tour into something more special than originally anticipated. Once you travel in a limousine, you won’t want to travel any other way.

Nearly every limousine, from the smaller capacity Lincoln Stretched Town Car to a large capacity executive limo-coach is fully outfitted in premium leather. Some custom built limousines incorporate suede or synthetic fur finishes while the majority of our vehicles are comfortably and conservatively appointed using the highest quality real leathers.

Spacious interiors, comfortable lighting, premium leather seats and a high quality audio system set the ambiance for your experience. Add in available options such as chilled beverages, light snacks and other amenities of your choice and your time with us will be unforgettable. It is important to point out that you will not have all of these amenities and you may have only one or two. If you want certain limousine amenities during your trip, you will most likely have to ask the limousine rental company for them as accessories to your trip. Never expect that they will be there.

Depending on what you are using your limousine for, some of the following amenities may be desirable, others will not. For example, you would not want a vehicle with a bar for use by high-school students on route to their Prom, and you would not want a vehicle outfitted with plasma TVs while touring through a city where you are supposed to be paying attention to the sights.



The bar will vary depending on the state you are in. Some states will not allow alcohol in a limousine so, to ensure you are not surprised when your vehicle is stocked with water instead of vodka, just ask in advance about what we can provide when making reservations for service outside of, or within, Chicago. As well, if you have a prom limousine or wedding limousine, the bar may not be required at all, so ensure that you don’t get something you will not need and have to pay for.


This is a big accessory and your interest in having it in the vehicle is dependent upon your intended use of the limousine. If you are using it for transportation to and from the wedding ceremony or for a limousine tour of a foreign city, then it may not apply at all. Why pay for something that expensive when you won’t use it. However, if you have a two hour trip from the airport to your destination, this may be the perfect thing to take your mind off the rush hour traffic around you.

Built-In Champagne Buckets and Ice

This limousine amenity will be used in two primary cases – weddings and Bachelor or Bachelorette parties. Both of these types of limousine rental events are designed for party occasions with champagne and buckets of ice being perfect for the limousine party. That being said, you would not have this in a prom limousine rental and it is unlikely you would want it for a simple airport transfer.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Nothing says party limousine like fiber optic lighting. Whether it is for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, or even a prom, having fiber optic lighting can be a great accessory to put on the limousine to give it a bit more of a party feel. The special lighting can be inside the limousine or outside of it, depending on how you want to increase the mood and ambience of the limousine trip.

Party Strobe/Laser/Neon Lighting

Going along with the fiber optic lighting, there are some other ways you can enhance the mood of the limousine and give it a bit of ambience during your limousine party. These accessories work great for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in the limo, and they can give the entire limousine a special flare that is hard to match with other forms of transportation. Ensure that you understand the effects of a party strobe light and lasers in the confined space of a limousine however, as they can induce seizures.

Sun Roof

Most limousines have built-in sunroofs and, it’s always best to request it just in case. With ten people in a limousine, things can get pretty hot (temperature-wise) and opening the sun-roof still gives you privacy but it also lets you see the stars and get some cool air into the vehicle. Some people enjoy standing up out the sunroof; however, you should familiarize yourself with the limousine company rules and the local laws beforehand to ensure you do not get fined or, in extreme cases, lose possession of your limousine as a result of violating safety laws.

DVD/CD Player

You may not want to listen to the limited selection of music that the limousine has, so it would be a good idea to bring your own music if you want to party properly during your prom or Bachelor and Bachelorette limousine tour. You can also request a DVD player if you want to watch a movie. You should also request a surround sound system in this case to ensure that your movie limousine experience and music sounds great in the limousine. Having a satellite radio is another alternative to having a CD player. No matter your tastes, you will be able to find what you are looking for with a satellite radio.

Privacy Partition/Intercom System

Drivers do not want – or need – to hear or see, or otherwise be aware of, everything that’s going on behind them in their vehicle. Romancing or loud and private conversations are just a few reasons why a privacy partition may be in order. Originally, partitions were created so that passengers could engage in private/confidential conversations without concern for the chauffeur hearing. So, if you want some privacy in the back of the limousine, ensure that you request one of these for both your and your driver’s benefit. You should also ensure you have an intercom system so you can speak with your driver when necessary – without having to lower the privacy partition each time.

Leather Interior/Plush Carpeting

The interior of the limousine says a lot about the type of time you are going to have. If you want comfort in the limousine, then leather interior and plush carpeting may be in order. Nice carpeting and leather works well for most any occasion including transfers, tours, parties or events. Making sure that everyone is comfortable inside the limousine helps to ensure for an enjoyable trip.

The number and the variety of available limousine amenities are great. Some large limousines even have hot tubs. In the end, it’s all about how much you want to play and how much you want to pay…, so don’t be afraid to ask us when you call.

Entertainment features are a big part of limousine amenities, making sure that clients are entertained while traveling in style. Plasma screen televisions, DVD players, TiVo recorders, surround sound speakers, and video game consoles are just a few of many items that are to be found in the trendiest vehicles for hire.

Limousine manufacturers will typically go no further than doubling the length of the original vehicle to avoid the possibility of challenging Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) – and yes, there are many examples of super-stretches that push the standards to the limit. In an industry where owners have to differentiate themselves from the competition, the only option, apart from going longer, is to make the interior as opulent, technologically advanced or outrageous as possible.

Practically every limousine has a bar or drink cabinet containing enough alcohol to keep a rambunctious bachelor party going for hours. Some bars include fancy glasses made of crystal, polished counters lined with neon lights and even a sink with running water. Some limousine bars can give Las Vegas clubs a run for their money when it comes to glitz and excess.

Other signs of excess in the limousine industry range from mirrored ceilings to crystal chandeliers. Some limousine interiors are filled with blinking lights and neon tubing. Many have funky seats upholstered in leather or other expensive materials. Bentley’s limousines contain handcrafted cabinet work, expensive veneers and expensive communications systems so that you can stay in touch with the office even as you ride in complete luxury.

Many limousines include intercom systems so that passengers can communicate with the limousine driver without lowering a privacy barrier. Most limos also have telephones installed so that you can call your best friend and ask, “Guess where I’m calling you from?”
Larger private tour limousines — such as the popular stretch Hummer limousine — can fit a dance floor and karaoke machine, with a crystal chandelier or disco ball to match the decor. While telephone lines are a standard of all limousine rentals, fax and copy machines as well as wireless Internet can be found in the heavy hitting executive limousine models for the business oriented rides. An intercom allows passengers to communicate with the driver if they wish to change directions or ask for information from the privacy of their back seat.

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